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Product information 


Why Use Wood Trusses?

  • A wood trussed-home costs less.
    Trusses are delivered to the site ready to be installed
  • You get peace of mind - knowing that the trusses were professionally computer-designed, engineered and factory-built to assure the highest quality and reliability.
  • Trusses allow virtually unlimited architectural versatility.
    Proven performance - hundreds of millions of wood trusses have been installed throughout the country. In fact, wood trusses are used in more than 75% of all homes built in the U.S. and Canada today.
  • Pre-engineered wood trusses are scientifically designed for strength. A pre-engineered framing system eliminates guesswork on the construction site.
CAD Based DesignThe CAD-based design software we use generates traditional plan view layouts and 3D graphics that give an accurate picture of a roof from virtually any perspective by showing every truss in place.


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